Licensing Inquiry

    The structure of the licensing fees is very simple and straightforward. If you wish, you can provide your billing address and VAT number (if applicable) right now. I will then send you a proforma invoice for you to check. The photo file will be delivered after the invoice has been paid. The available payment methods are: bank transfer to a European bank account or Paypal.

    • Non-exclusive License (Screen) - Standard Resolution (1000 pixels on the longer side) - EUR 30

    • Non-exclusive License (Screen or Print) - Full Resolution (typically between 20 and 42 megapixels, except for cropped images) - EUR 100

    • Non-exclusive Extended License (Products for Resale, e.g. prints, postcards, magnets, etc.) - Full resolution - EUR 250

    Exclusivity in certain countries or business sectors may be available for some photos. An additional fee depending on the scope of exclusivity will apply. If you require exclusivity in your country or field please mention it in the message. Some photos are not available for exclusive licensing.

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