Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of this website is very simple.


When visitors send messages through one of the contact form, their details are transmitted by email to the website owner. The messages together with the sender’s details are then processed on a local computer. Otherwise, it would not be possible to answer inquires submitted through the contact forms. Using the contact form is, of course, completely voluntary. You can also request that we erase the messages that you have sent.


This website does not use tracking cookies. Only technically necessary cookies may be saved to your device. Such cookies do not require a cookie consent banner.


This website uses only self-hosted webfonts. They are stored on the same server as the rest of the content displayed on the website.


This website uses security services and content delivery network services provided by Cloudflare. Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy for this website. Cloudflare’s Privacy Policy can be found here.


At the time of writing, this website does not use any embedded content, but it may change in the future.

Social Sharing Buttons

This website uses so-called social sharing buttons of popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). The buttons are hosted locally on the same server as the website and their presence does not allow the social networks to track visitors. However, clicking on such a button will take the visitor to the website or app of the respective social network, where the visitor may be tracked. Social networks are third-party entities and this website has no control over their websites and apps. Clicking on social sharing buttons is, of course, completely voluntary.


This website uses an open-source analytics solution called Matomo. It is installed on the same server as the website. It collects anonymous statistics about the use of this website by visitors and the technology that they are using while visiting this website. The data is not shared with any third parties.